Friday, July 17, 2015

Setting the New and Used Equipment Standard

Skilled and Experienced

It takes a team of highly skilled and experience people with an eye for detail and a passion for making it like their own, to make sure a ready to work truck is delivered. Whether your selling new or used roll off trucks, the same attention to detail has to be adhered to, at all times. When dealing with new trucks and roll off equipment, there’s always the possibility of air leaks, electrical issues, hydraulic, oil, or other fluid leaks, and yes, even the occasional engine or transmission issue. At Apex, our inspection technicians are trained to look for these details, in both new and used equipment, and notify the general manager and the repair staff of their findings. The Apex repair staff is broken into six departments: Light Mechanical, Heavy Mechanical, Fabrication, Hydraulic, Inspection, Detail, Paint and Parts.


 First the inspection department will follow a detailed routine while performing up to a 210 point investigation into each truck or piece of equipment, depending on the equipment. This includes, to list a few, the primary and secondary electrical systems, the primary and secondary air systems, the hydraulic systems, the powertrain components, the frame, and suspension system (i.e. travel pads, shocks, springs, trunnions, bushings). They will pay close attention to the peripheral systems, such as roll off hoists, hooklift hoist, grapple booms or front loaders. Smaller items like battery cables, clamps, belts and hoses are also under scrutiny during this phase of the operation. The cab will also be probed to check seats, seat belts, vents, flooring, windows, door handles, mirrors and other important items, and marked for repair. If the repair is minor, it can usually be corrected by the inspection department.

Light Mechanical

Apex light mechanical technicians are second to none in the industry, and will re-inspect the issues sent to them in order to verify the accuracy of the findings and determine if there is any other problems underlying. Light mechanical specializes in electrical troubleshooting, identifying problems in the fuel system, air systems, vacuum problems, braking issues and more. During this process, the equipment undergoes a second inspection around the area of repair. For example, if a technician is repairing or replacing a wiring harness, he will inspect the components around that area, and if he finds anything missed by the inspection department, he will repair it if possible, or add it to the repair order.

Heavy Mechanical

Apex heavy mechanical techs are among the best in the country, and are highly experienced in all phases of mechanical repair. When a truck arrives at their department, they know it has a problem with the engine, transmission, rear end, or some other major component, and they have the expertise to deal with it. Because of the quality of equipment Apex starts out with, these problems are usually not catastrophic to the function of the machine. However, if there is a problem of significance, the Apex heavy mechanical department can handle it, from an engine rebuild or replacement to a transmission overhaul or trunnion replacement. And as with every other department, the heavy mechanical technicians will also inspect the areas around their work for any other defects that may have been missed by the other departments.


The hydraulic department is experienced in all phases of hydraulic troubleshooting, repair and replacement. This gives them the ability to rebuild, reseal or replace any hydraulic component on the equipment, in order to bring the unit back to a fully function state. In addition these technicians are trained in light and heavy mechanical procedures, which gives them the ability to inspect and mark other mechanical issues they may find during the hydraulic repair process.


Apex fabrication technicians are a breed all their own, who can bring the life back to, and reinforce failing parts like roll off hoists, grapple units and major body components, such as dump bodies, rear fenders, frames and more. They are extremely skilled engineers and technicians who are able to create and modify any piece of equipment and make it fit any application thrown their way, including building grapple trucks and roll off trucks from the ground up, from new or used equipment, and make it work ready when you need it.


The Apex detail staff are an exceptional group of individuals, who pay close attention to the markers sent to them by the inspection department, but also have their own inspection process as they go about their tasks. They will be inspecting every inch of a truck for interior flaws, such as broken window cranks, cracked or defaced instrument cluster, missing knobs and buttons, cab light covers, over-worn or torn seats and upholstery, dash and many other interior components. They are committed to giving Apex customers the best environmental experience possible in a truck.


Almost every used piece of equipment that goes through the Apex process makes its way through our paint facility. If it is a truck, it will have the exterior cab painted, the frame and sub frame, as well as any hoist or other peripheral equipment that may be attached. The Apex Equipment paint department is always ready to give a truck the color of the buyer’s choice to match any company fleet.

All of this makes the Apex Equipment team is one of the most specialized teams in the waste and forestry equipment industry.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gordon Pro Tree Service Talks About The Apex Experience!

Bryan Gordon of Gordon Pro Tree Service, in Buford, Georgia, talks about the need to expand his fleet of forestry and tree equipment, and how Apex Equipment helped him through the process. Mr. Gordon says, "We contacted Lorna Morales, who has done a great job for us from start to finish... we're very excited about getting this truck into operation, and we are very appreciative of the things that Apex has done to help us get to this point." He goes on to say, "If you want it done right, especially with the warranty they offer, give them a call and give them the opportunity to help you out, as they have done with us."

Thursday, June 11, 2015

American Tree Trimmers LLC Gives Apex Equipment Kudos!

American Tree Trimmers LLC gives Apex Equipment kudos for their honesty and upfront sales approach relating to the recent purchase of a refurbished 2001 grapple truck. Willy Finn, owner of American Tree Trimmers LLC says "We got here today, and this truck has been everything we thought and more... If you're looking to buy a truck, I would go with Apex. They seem, by far, to be the best place to go with."

Friday, May 29, 2015

Demand For Apex Waste And Forestry Equipment High!

The number of trucks U.S. owned Apex Equipment sells and delivers, has grown exponentially over the last 4 years. Apex has doubled their mechanical and fabricating technicians during this time, in order to meet the demand for the high quality trucks turned out at their West Palm Beach, Florida facility. An Apex spokesperson says, “We believe this to be a direct result of the workmanship that goes into each truck from beginning to end of the Apex process”. Apex Equipment also has an impeccable reputation for support during and after the sale.
Olivia Malone, with E. Cornell Malone corporation, a roofing company with locations in Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida had this to say about their relationship with Apex Equipment, “We chose Apex for several reasons; location, quality of equipment, and strong communication from the sales department”, and also said, “Pat made sure he listened to our needs before making suggestions. He took our price budget and our concerns, and combed the inventory.” and she said, “I was most impressed with the fact that Apex made sure the equipment was kept in their possession to iron out detail work, so we didn’t inherit a defective machine.” (Add image of truck and driver)

Like any enterprise, Apex Equipment has endured difficulties and bumps in the road along the way, but still maintains the integrity that has catapulted them to success in the waste and forestry industry, truck and equipment markets. The idea that everyone should be able to get a piece of equipment that just gets the job done when you need it to, and looks good, whether it’s new or used, is still one of the foundational principles of their operation, according to sources at Apex. Apex Equipment understands and believes in the working people, and the companies they run and work for. For this reason, Apex determined, to not only give them the best new or used truck possible, but as fast as humanly possible, depending on the amount of effort that it takes to complete the unit, and make it work ready.

Bill Marvel from Takoma Tree Experts said, “The fast knowledgeable and thorough responses I received, both by email and phone, to many of my questions, made me realize I was dealing with a highly professional and trustworthy company.” He also added, “Apex customer service is second to none, after taking delivery of the truck from Apex, we realized the bank had made an error, and the title was sent to the wrong department. Meanwhile our temporary tag had expired, and despite not being responsible for the banks oversight, Apex sent another temp tag overnight, at no charge.” He noted, “The follow up emails a couple days later, to make sure our driver was on his way safely to Maryland, and providing us with another tag demonstrates the willingness of Apex to follow up after the sale, a winning formula for retaining customers.”

The level of service Apex Equipment provides for their customers, and potential customers alike, is refreshing in these modern times of fast paced, quick-handled business transactions, where you hardly know what happened until you wake up three days later with nothing but remorse over the deal you were supposedly getting. Apex owners say, “Our goal from the start, was to do what no one else does… we fix more than the customer can see with the naked eye, so they don’t have to be concerned with how their equipment will perform when it leaves Apex.” Additionally they say, “Our expert team of technicians and their vast wealth of knowledge gives us the ability to troubleshoot problems in route, if the customer has an issue 6 months or even a year down the road, to help prevent other companies, who may not be quite so honest, from taking advantage of them in a time of misfortune. We stand with our customers.”

This is what three Apex team members had to say about their Apex experience.

Dan says, “We stay very busy, and as a mechanic, that’s what I like. Apex gives me the opportunity to do this. And we do our very best, every day, to produce a quality product… all of us.”

Jeremy says, “I originally came to Apex Equipment looking at grapple trucks, and was very impressed by the quality of trucks this company was putting out. Later when I was offered an opportunity to work for Apex, the decision was easy.” He also said, “I have found with Apex, there is no compromise where repairs are concerned, which means my skills and efforts are never undermined, or swept under the rug.” Finally he says, “I feel that Apex is a company I can infuse my set of skills into, and make it even better for customers who are looking for the right options for their business.”
Kyle stated, “Apex certainly follows the mission statement they put forth.” He also said, “They strive to make their used trucks the best money can buy… they sell good trucks that are many times better than that of the competition.” He went on to say, “They do what it takes to satisfy the customer.”

Since their inception, Apex has continued to advance in customer service commitment and satisfaction, and has the sales, and client and affiliate relationships to prove it. Apex has fostered an atmosphere where employees can learn and succeed themselves, and use their knowledge to better enable Apex customers to drive their own businesses to success, by producing the highest quality refurbished equipment in the waste and forestry industry. Apex has aligned themselves with other industry leaders, in order to drive down the cost associated with repairing a used piece of equipment, thereby giving their customers more affordable choices for the quality of product they are choosing. Apex Equipment continues to offer the only power-train warranty that covers trucks from 2002 and up. In addition, they offer their “Rapid Response” roadside help hot-line, in the event a truck ever does go down while on the road.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dumpsters For Sale, 10 Locations In The U.S.

Solutions for Purchasing Dumpsters and Containers

When you need commercial grade waste industry dumpsters or bodies, Apex Equipment is, most assuredly, your one-stop-shop, and the only solution that makes real sense for businesses looking to grow and expand their operations, or simply replace worn equipment. Our continued growth in the waste equipment industry allows Apex to maintain a higher level of supply to meet demand than our competitor, and serves as a springboard for the continued growth of your business and its assets.

The Apex Container Cooperative

Apex Equipment has formed a coalition with container manufacturers around the United States, in an effort to serve you quicker and more efficiently. These partnerships allow Apex Equipment to offer you a larger variety of containers and bodies at more affordable pricing throughout the country, by keeping shipping cost at a minimum. This means, whether you need 2 containers or 200 containers, Apex is the only company that can deliver affordability right to your front door.

Your Company! Your Containers! Your Colors!

At Apex Equipment, we understand the need for your business to maintain brand awareness and community recognition of your equipment. When you purchase new dumpsters from Apex Equipment, you can choose the colors that are appropriate for your company identity; making sure the integration of your new containers into your fleet is a seamless one. This means, when your cans arrive, you slap on your decals and put them right into the flow, ensuring the clean and highly recognizable color of your brand will be noticed by all of your customers, and assuring them you are ready to work.

Built To Your Specifications

At Apex Equipment, we understand that many companies have specialized needs, and standard containers may not always fit the bill. Whether you need standard duty, heavy duty, bathtub, square bottom, and open-top, enclosed or sealed door containers, Apex Equipment has the resources to fill the order, and get you the equipment you need.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remember 911

Today we remember all the families in America, and world wide, who's lives were forever changed by the horrific events that transpired on Sept 11, 2001. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, with our military, and all the men and women who's job it is to keep our country and the world safe.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grapple Trucks Trucks For Sale

With the onset of hurricane season and the threat of storms overshadowing most of the southeast, Apex is ready to provide high quality, dependable storm clean-up trucks that will be needed to deal with the aftermath. When a quick response is needed to help get people’s lives restored to normal, you can count on Apex grapple trucks to help lead the charge. Whether you need a large tri axle loader truck to haul debris and pull a storm clean-up trailer, or a municipal style single axle grapple truck to move around on small city streets, Apex Equipment has a truck that will work for you. All Apex grapple trucks go through a 210 point inspection repair process and an independent Federal DOT inspection. All certified pre owned grapple trucks are covered by a 2 year/200k mile warranty. Every used grapple truck is part of the Apex Rapid Response Program. If you are working a storm, especially in a city you are not familiar with, and a breakdown occurs with your equipment, you can call our toll free hotline and get immediate support. This means you don’t have to spend time trying to locate local towing companies or repair services, we will handle that for you, and the recovery and repair process for your truck will get started fast.